Outsourced Controller

As an outsourced controller, we fulfill our clients’ many financial management needs. Our combined years of experience and specialized expertise allow us to handle a wide range of accounting-related tasks and activities on an ongoing basis. At Brien’s Business Umbrella, we offer a full suite of controller services, including:


We perform a variety of accounting functions for businesses in all industries, with services including accounts payable/accounts receivable; payroll processing; financial management reporting; and financial forecasting. By outsourcing accounting services to us, you can eliminate overhead and hiring costs while improving the overall financial health of your business.

Managing Information Technologies

If using a variety of management information technologies for your business overwhelms you, we can take care of all your IT management, including accounting, payroll, and bookkeeping. This allows us to manage your data so your business can operate at an optimal level.

Payroll Processing

We provide payroll services for businesses of up to 49 employees. This comprehensive service involves preparing all employees’ payrolls, including paying employees via direct deposit; paying federal and state payroll taxes; quarterly and annual form filing; and W2 distribution.

Cash Flow Management

In helping your businesses remain profitable, we proactively monitor and track cashflow. We do this through a variety of ways, including financial statements, automated invoicing, and financial management software.


From protecting sensitive financial data to storing important tax documents, our recordkeeping services will ensure all your key financial information is secure. We utilize the most advanced records management software to store your files, keeping them safe and organized so they can easily be retrieved for future use.

Financial & Regulatory Compliance

We are committed to the highest financial and regulatory compliance standards. All services are delivered in accordance with the most ethical industry guidelines. In conjunction with our integrated software, we aim to improve our clients’ efficiencies while reducing risks of tax or compliance problems.

Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable

By streamlining accounts payable and accounts receivable services, we improve our clients’ cashflow; expedite billing and payment processes; and reduce administrative overhead. As a result, we save our clients significant time and money, ultimately benefiting their bottom lines.

Financial Report Projection

Do you struggle to forecast future revenues and expenses? Through our software, we can closely evaluate your current financial data to predict future financial performance. This can be instrumental in helping you plan your business’s financial growth and improve cash flow management.