Tax Planning & Preparation

At Brien’s Business Umbrella, we assist small and mid-sized businesses with the tax planning and preparation process, helping to reduce tax liability and save money while adhering to all legal and ethical regulations. Additionally, our tax preparation services ensure tax returns are filed correctly with federal, state, and local tax agencies. There are many benefits to tax planning and preparation, including:

Reduced Tax Bills

We help to reduce tax bills by identifying ways for business owners to lower tax payments incurred through various investments and capital gains. By fully evaluating our clients’ financial portfolios, we provide customized solutions that provide more favorable tax outcomes.

Preventing Legal Issues

Tax planning can be instrumental in reducing the likelihood of tax evasion or avoidance that can often occur due to high taxes. The process of tax planning can prevent tax disputes with local, state, or federal authorities, potentially saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in the long run. Through our tax planning process, we take many factors into consideration, including timing of income and purchases and planning for other expenditures, as well as the selection of our clients’ investments and retirement plans with regard to tax filing status and deductions. By adjusting the structures of your current financial models and directly improving how finances are handled within your business, we can apply strategies that reduce your taxes each year.

Tax Payment Flexibility

By helping clients understand their tax obligations, we offer our clients solutions and strategies that provide flexibility in terms of how and when tax payments are made throughout the year. This flexibility allows our clients to gain better control over their finances, including better budgeting and timing of tax payments.

Tax Preparation

Filing tax returns can be a tedious and complicated process, especially for business owners. At Brien’s Business Umbrella, we can help you file your tax returns and prepare all the necessary paperwork. Our tax preparation services will ensure your tax returns are filed correctly with federal, state, and local tax agencies. Investing in annual tax planning and preparation can have a transformative impact on your business’s profitability, especially over the course of several years. Brien’s Business Umbrella provides tax planning expertise that can change the trajectory of tax outcomes for your business.