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Brien’s Business Umbrella Accounting incorporates innovative and modern technology to provide accounting, tax planning, and payroll processing services for individuals and businesses just about anywhere. As a virtual firm, Brien’s Business Umbrella Accounting is a convenient and cost-effective way to take the stress out of conducting daily operations of any business. To make things even easier for his clients, Timothy Brien of Brien’s Business Umbrella Accounting has created these packages which include all the essential financial management services you could need on a consistent basis. Brien’s Business Umbrella offers the following three packages to meet your business’s individual needs:

Diamond (Premium) Package

  • Weekly Bookkeeping
  • Business Return Prep
  • Personal Return Prep
  • Unlimited Phone and Email Support
  • Budget Reports
  • Management Reports
  • Full Tax Projections
  • Estimated Payment Prep
  • Shared Portal w/PDF of Organized Tax Documents

Gold (Essential) Package

  • Quarterly Bookkeeping
  • Limited Email Support Only
  • Form Filing Service Only
  • Estimated Payment Prep
  • NO Tax Planning

Platinum (Full) Package

  • Monthly Bookkeeping
  • Business Return Prep
  • Limited Phone and Email Support
  • Estimated Payment Prep
  • Shared Portal w/PDF of Organized Tax Docs

In addition to the packages above, we offer the following add-on services:


Do you need bookkeeping done on more than a quarterly or monthly basis? Utilizing our add-on bookkeeping services can help you manage your business transactions on a either a daily or weekly cycle.

Tax Planning

Through tax planning services, we will help you implement strategies that reduce your tax liability each year.

Accounts Receivable

Has sending invoices to clients become a burden? With this add-on, we take this task off your hands by preparing all your invoices and receiving payments for you.

Accounts Payable

Tired of keeping track of monthly bills for your business? We can receive invoices and make payments for you.

Payroll Processing

We provide secure and efficient payroll processing services for businesses of up to 49 employees.