Payroll Processing

Brien’s Business Umbrella provides payroll processing services for businesses with up to 49 employees. Our payroll processing services are performed electronically and include the following: Preparing all employees’ payrolls, Paying employees via direct deposit, Paying federal and state payroll taxes, Quarterly and annual form filings, and W2 distribution. There are many benefits of outsourced payroll processing for small and mid-sized businesses, including:

Time Savings & Greater Productivity

Outsourcing payroll processing services alleviates your internal staff from having to handle the many aspects of payroll processing, resulting in more time and resources to allocate to other areas of your business. Typically, businesses that outsource payroll experience a significant increase in productivity, as HR and accounting departments can focus on other tasks that contribute to an improved bottom line.

Avoiding IRS Penalties

When conducting your own payroll processing, it’s very easy for errors to happen that can potentially result in serious IRS penalties. Outsourcing payroll processing ensures accuracy and timeliness with all payroll tax filings, as well as strict adherence to government tax regulations.

Peace of Mind

Above all, outsourced payroll processing provides peace of mind that your payroll is being managed with the most professional and reliable expertise. From paying employees on time to accurate tax filings, we make sure your payroll processing is facilitated smoothly so you can run your business without unnecessary worry or stress.

Reduced Costs

The cost-savings incurred by outsourcing payroll processing can be a tremendous asset to any business. Rather than spending money on additional personnel or expensive payroll processing systems, outsourced services allow payroll requests to be quickly facilitated, requiring minimal involvement from the business owner.

Enhanced Security

By outsourcing payroll processing, you can rest assured that all your business’s sensitive information and private data will be stored securely. Brien’s Business Umbrella uses the most trusted and reputable software to ensure our clients’ confidential payroll data is safe and monitored.
From cost-savings to improved efficiencies, outsourcing payroll processing can have a positive impact on many functions of your business. If you have questions about our payroll processing services or want to start working with us, please call (716) 727-8844.